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The Beautiful Chad You Have to Visit to Appreciate

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A largely semi-desert country, Chad is rich in gold and uranium and stands to benefit from its recently-acquired status as an oil-exporting state.

Chad’s post-independence history has been marked by instability and violence, stemming mostly from tension between the mainly Arab-Muslim north and the predominantly Christian and animist south.

Chad became an oil-producing nation in 2003, with the completion of a $4bn pipeline linking its oilfields to terminals on the Atlantic coast.

However, Africa’s fifth-largest nation suffers from inadequate infrastructure, and internal conflict. Poverty is rife, and health and social conditions compare unfavourably with those elsewhere in the region.

  • The Republic of Chad
  • Capital : N’Djamena
  • Population 11.8 million
  • Area 1.28 million sq km (495,800 sq miles)
  • Major languages French, Arabic
  • Major religions Islam, Christianity
  • Life expectancy 49 years (men), 52 years (women)
  • Currency CFA (Communaute Financiere Africaine) franc