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The Beautiful India You Have to Visit to Appreciate

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India is the world’s largest democracy and according to UN estimates, its population is expected to overtake China’s in 2028 to become the world’s most populous nation.

As a rising economic powerhouse and nuclear-armed state, India has emerged as an important regional power.

But it is also tackling huge, social, economic and environmental problems.

Home to some of the world’ s most ancient surviving civilizations, the Indian subcontinent – from the mountainous Afghan frontier to the jungles of Burma – is both vast and diverse in terms of its people, language and cultural traditions.

  • Republic of India
  • Capital: New Delhi
  • Population: 1.3 billion
  • Area: 3.1 million sq km (1.2 million sq miles), excluding Kashmir
  • Major languages: Hindi, English and more than 20 other official languages
  • Major religions: Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Sikhism, Buddhism
  • Life expectancy: 64 years (men), 68 years (women)
  • Currency: Rupee