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The Beautiful Mongolia You Have to Visit to Appreciate

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In 1990, Mongolia abandoned its 70-year-old Soviet-style one-party system in favour of political and economic reforms and multiparty elections.

Vast quantities of untapped mineral wealth have made it a target for foreign investors, transforming the country’s tiny but fast-growing economy. This rapid change has taken place against a backdrop of political wrangling and government pledges to tighten control over the country’s assets.

Once the heartland of an empire stretching to Europe under Genghis Khan, Mongolia is a landlocked country dominated by sparsely populated steppe and semi-desert.

A third of the population lives in the capital, while around 40% of the country’s workforce is nomadic, herding livestock in the extensive pasturelands.

  • Mongolia
  • Capital: Ulan Bator
  • Population 2.8 million (2012)
  • Area 1.56 million sq km (603,909 sq miles)
  • Major language Mongolian
  • Major religion Buddhism
  • Life expectancy 65 years (men), 73 years (women)
  • Currency Togrog